Internal walling is designed to carefuly reduce the costs of internal wall plaster through design. In each room, the machine-cut stone walling is plastered on only two sides. The other two sides are keyed and left natural or painted to come up with a rough texture that matches well with the overal interior decor of the house. This automatcally reduces over 50 % of internal wall finishes mainly plaster and paint.

Use of colour to articulate the flush door frames and leafs will go a long way in saving cost estimating software. The overal colour scheme of white versus black can be used to articulate the door opening with the door leaf painted white with a black door frame.

These are basic formulas are used every day on every construction project in the business by home owners and professionals alike and will cover most cases.

Sometimes, there is no time for waiting, especially if your creditor is not happy with your loan payments. If you are forced to sell your home, you must look for a buyer with the highest bid. A high bid may come close to the total amount of your loans or it may top the figure. In this case, you may sell your house and pay the difference to settle your loan. In the second case, you may pocket the difference for your own use. Let’s say your house is worth $500,000 and your loans are $550,000. You will either pay off $50,000 or save $50,000.

Sometimes the fee of the architect is based on a percentage of your budget. It can be fixed flat fee, hourly, or can be based on the final Construction cost estimating software. Be transparent to the architect about your budget. Sometimes the architect’s fee includes additional charges for 3D models, travel, overtime, materials, and changes in the original design. The architect may also charge a retainer (similar to a down payment) at the beginning of the project. Ask every detail beforehand so that they do not later surprise you.

So explain to me why you don’t want to take a four day class to get going and a three day advanced class to begin to master a tool that will change your life, protect your career and make you a better architect, and bring you joy? Why can’t you lose some initial productivity as you transition to Revit when the productivity gains you will make will by the end of the first year, more than make up for all your hardware, software and training investment and give you a 25% productivity gain?

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