As a growing young man, I love to eat. I’ll eat almost any kind of vegetable and fruit, as well as most fish and poultry, and some meats. Mexican, Italian and Chinese are my favorite types of food. Out of those ethnic foods, my favorites are taco ring, tortellini and chicken with broccoli, Asian dumplings on the side. Because I love to eat, I also find it fun and entertaining to cook and bake my own meals. I also find it very relaxing. It’s fun being in control of what I eat and what I put in my meals, as well as seeing what goes into.

The Citrus Chipotle Chicken Salad with Mango Citrus Vinaigrette at On the Border is one healthy option. One serving is just 290 calories, which is over 1000 calories less than their Grande Taco salad with ground beef without any dressing. The Citrus Chipotle Chicken salad has just 4 grams of fat. It had 25 grams of protein and 11 grams of fiber.

Food eaten late at night is no more fattening than the rest of the unhealthy food eaten during the rest of the day. It is not true that the body will store more fat during evenings because it is at rest. What makes a person obese is not about the time he or she eats, but the overall amount of calories consumed in a day.

Shepherd’s pie. Traditionally the bottom layer was ground lamb, although in my family we used taco recipes, and this was followed with a layer of mashed potatoes. We also usually put cooked carrots in between the beef and potatoes. There are many variations to this though and also under the names of cottage pie and fisherman’s pie.

Kedgeree. This is flaked fish combined with boiled rice, eggs and butter. Smoked haddock was usually the fish of choice and this dish dates back to the time of the British Indian Empire.

Underdogs is located at 19th Ave and Irving, and the $1 tacos res are available every Tuesday night from 5-8pm. They have free Wi-Fi access and have flat screen TV’s showing sporting events, including UFC fights.

After diagnosis, find the best way to help your child accept the fact that there are certain foods that he or she cannot eat. The book, “Mommy, What is Celiac Disease?” puts the focus on what the child can still eat, as opposed to what she now cannot. Try to keep that focus going. Attitudes of parents, siblings, friends and relatives will be important as well. It will be much easier for the child – now and later in life – if family members and friends can accept celiac disease and the gluten-free (G-F) diet as a way of life.

Opened in 1993, Looney’s Pub is located in Canton Square. One of the best things about Looney’s is it provides a great place to gather with a group of friends and watch sporting events. This place has a great menu with grilled and BBQ options along with an expansive bar selection. With games and TVs, the average bar hopper will enjoy their stay with friends in one of the most happening neighborhoods in Baltimore.