The ordinary mouse trap, and its larger version. the rat trap, have been around for over 100 years. Just about every homeowner uses one or the other of these devices for mouse control or rat eradication at one time or another. The most familiar and least expensive kinds of mouse traps and rat traps are snap traps, snapping down on the neck of the rodent and killing it quickly without need of electricity, harmful chemicals, or poisons.

In order to get the rodent in the trap, use a tantalizing trail of peanut butter. Although you can use virtually anything as bait (fruit, chocolate, etc.), peanut butter works best because it can stay fresh for several days and cannot be easily moved. For some types of traps, peanut butter doesn’t work well because the rats can lick it clean, without activating the trap. If you stumble upon this problem, simply place some floss within the peanut butter. This way, the only way the rat can take all of the peanut butter is by moving the trap mechanism.

A little after one in the morning I dosed off and woke suddenly when something touched my right arm! I got a glimpse of something flashing toward the kitchen, it looked small but I was not sure if I was dreaming or not. I waited awhile to see if anything moved, then got up and turned on the lights, there on the carpet just before you enter the kitchen was a fresh mouse drop!

You may think you know how to set a Rottestop, but there is an art to doing it properly. Rodents are very smart and learn quickly to avoid objects and areas that present possible danger.

Time to get to the rat runner ups. Adam, Billy and even Chance can be easily placed in the rodent category. Adam’s relationship with Sharon is driving me nuts, Chole’s domestic bliss with Chance remains suspect to say the least and just doesn’t ring true for me and the fact that Billy is scrambling around attempting to rat out just about anyone with his Restless Style poisonous pen is another issue for me. Chance is another entire story in my book. He simply sounds too good to be true.

$15 Draw by Ringo Starr: The song by the Beatles drummer is a clever pop tune from early in his solo career. On the field, a draw occurs when the quarterback appears to go back for a pass, but instead he hands off to a running back after a slight hesitation.

You do not have to keep starting the day with frustration and anger about going to a job that you hate. Life is to short for this nonsense. You do not have to live like this. You do have to get serious and get real and make your dream come true.

Keeping it simple isn’t simple, particularly when our behaviors, our values, our skills all have been conditioned to complicate matters. And let’s face it- a lot of things are complicated. But we all can be more effective in every part of our lives by adopting a behavior of action, rather than of analysis paralysis. If you see your own behavior in this confession of mine, press on, persevere and open up a whole new level of effectiveness for yourself.