In order to successfully promote your band’s music and get new shows, you’ve got to stick out from the plethora of other bands that are vying for your fans attention. Here are some things you can do to make sure that your band’s unique, giving it a huge advantage over your competition.

7) When I was learning I bought cheap guitar s only. Mainly because I could not afford to pay $500 or more for a expensive hand made guitar by a respected luthier. That doesn’t mean a second hand non-flamenco factory made guitar is no good. For example, I think Yamaha makes good beginner classical guitars that are more than suitable for learning flamenco with an attached golpe plate. I was pretty rough on my guitars so I never got precious about an instrument. When my guitar needed replacing, I just visited the local second hand guitar shop and spend an hour trying out different classical style bass guitar. A guitar does not have to be expensive; it just needs to “speak to me”. What I mean is that it needs to feel comfortable and have a strong tone.

You’ll want to go out and get some songbooks of tunes you like, or even easier, you can go online and get tabs and chord charts. One thing before you start picking your songs: many new guitarists (myself included) pick tunes they think are very cool, only to pick tunes that are to technically sophisticated for beginners. I wanted early Van Halen songs, which are WAY too difficult. Better to start off with Green Day, the Eagles, or whatever else you may like that’s also simple.

It wasn’t about her stage presence despite the fact that her outfits, dancing, strutting, facial expressions and interaction with the crowd demanded everyone’s attention all the time.

You’ve probably heard this one before, but most people don’t practice it. Stand in front of a mirror and draw in a deep breath. Notice what expands with your breath. If it’s your chest, then you aren’t breathing correctly. Your stomach should expand while your chest remains still.

First, make sure that your mic technique is solid. Garbage in, garbage out, so you really want to make sure you’re miking the guitar cab correctly, and make sure that the guitar cab is making the sound that you want. Place your microphone at a slight angle to the center of the cone, and place it an inch or two from the front of the speaker. There are many ways to mic a guitar amp, but the resulting raw sound file should sound fairly decent on its own. Your ProTools technique will only serve to refine the guitar’s sound, not reinvent it.

Be yourself. It’s tough to lose the corporate jargon and personality, but it’s vital if you want people / businesses to invest in what you have to offer. People and businesses buy from whom they know, like, and trust.